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Enhance Online Sales with Product Photography and Video

With a global pandemic stopping you in your tracks and quickly uprooting everything you have been doing. Business strategies that once worked are no longer relevant, and for many brands, striking the balance between maintaining perspective and recapturing lost revenue can feel discouraging. Even if things seem to be coming back around and business trends seem to be on the upturn. If you have not yet taken inventory of your online brand presence, now is the time. More people than ever before are spending time online. Forbes has reported internet usage is up 70% post-COVID and it’s not surprising. For many of us, a significant portion of that time includes online shopping, entertainment, video chatting and uploading/downloading documents. We need access to essential supplies; we want to be entertained, and we’re seeking products that bring comfort. With access to in-store experiences still being limited, digital sales can be enhanced using thoughtful product photography and video.

Focusing on digital sales means visuals are front and center – both from a competition standpoint, and user experience. Take a moment to analyze how your products and brand story are being communicated online – both on the channels you control such as your website, blog, and social media, as well as through online retail sites. Do your photos look as professional as your competitors’? Are you providing enough photos and videos to give users the in-person experience they are craving? Can you take product listings a step further with video product tours and lifestyle/in-use photos?

Here few ways you can use product photography and video to increase your online presence.

Put Your Products in Their Hands – Virtually

Most online product listings require at least a forward-facing product shot silhouetted on a white background. That’s a good start but it won’t create an in-person feel for your at-home shopper. Photos shot at multiple angles provide the feel of turning a product over in your hands. Photos should include areas of your packaging that features descriptions or information that shoppers may use to make a buying decision. As you develop these assets, pay attention to sizing requirements from each online sales platform. Many, including Amazon, require large ratios to activate online zoom features.

Spark Their Interest & Tell a Story

In-use or in-situation photos are key to helping shoppers envision how they will interact with your products once they arrive at their doorstep. Photos should be styled to tell a story of how your product will impact their life. Are you selling a bowl or an important vessel essential to sharing a family meal? Is your customer just planning to wear that shirt by itself, or will an image of it paired with the perfect accessories help them click "add to cart"?

Build a Connection with Video

People like video! Jump on YouTube and you’ll quickly understand that truth. Especially in this time of social-distancing, video is the closest thing we have to being in-person. Product video can be shot in various ways to help your buyers experience your brand. A video tour of your product can help to display all surface areas while also highlighting features and benefits.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you produce great photo or video content and assets, contact us and let’s have a conversation.

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