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2023 Photo Year In Review

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

A busy year of photography and videography with some of my best clients kept me busy from the beginning to the end of 2023. I was able to travel with and without my family to some destinations as well as stay local for a lot of clients. With a range of work to help create lasting stylized imagery that helps to build brands and a style that tells a story of a brand or business.

Additionally I took time this year to work along side the great people at Wonderful Machine to help make my website look its best. I spent a lot of time culling and curating my past work with the help of their team to bring a clean look that gave me the ability to be approved as one of their members. It's been a great time and I've booked work with them since. I look forward to new potential work coming from this opportunity in 2024.

This year, I traveled to 7 states outside of Pennsylvania for work. Typical travel to Florida, New Jersey and West Virginia were added on to by Michigan, Illinois, Virginia and Colorado. Not to mention an additional trip to Cali and a cruise to the Caribbean for additional trips.

So, without further interruption, I'll let you have a scroll through what was a busy year at Michael Miville Visuals. I am truly looking forward to what is hopefully a wonderful 2024! We hope you are healthy and have a happy new year as well!








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