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5 Tips for creating Photos and Videos with an agency

So, you have been hired by an agency to create marketing photography and/or video for one of their clients. Now what?! Below we will outline some helpful tips that will not only make the shoot go well for their client but will keep you at the top of mind for this agency with future work.

Tip 1: Stay positive

I can't stress this enough. Staying positive when working with an agency and their client is the biggest tip I can give you. If you even consider complaining about, being negative, being difficult or just quiet and not talking at all, it will leave a bad taste in the mouth of the client and the agency.

Additionally, a positive outlook may also keep your creative juices moving in ways you hadn't originally thought of. People will be more apt to consider any suggestions you have and give you a chance to try out new and unexpected things. See tip 3 for how expand on this idea.

You are representing the agency as well, most of the time in front of their client. You are putting their name on the line, so it's always good to represent well by being positive and an outgoing human.

Tip 2: Find Solutions

When you have been tasked with things that you may or may not have discussed with the agency, don't be surprised when they come up with other things that you never actually discussed with the team or the client. Instead of saying you can't do something or complaining your way out of it, try finding quick solutions that could possibly extend your amount of work which you could possibly charge for. Or you can consider working with them to give them some added value by not charging any extra for whatever changes or new ideas may be presented.

This will show that you can stay positive, but it will also show that you can think outside the box to come up with solutions on the fly. This will make you seem like you've walked the walk before and that you are cool and calm under pressure.

Tip 3: Suggest the Unexpected

You've had meeting upon meeting upon meeting getting set for the shoot day and things are going great, maybe even ahead of schedule. In this case I always try to suggest another idea or two that we can quickly shoot. Whether it's a few extra details, or a full on extra scene, go the extra mile and deliver some added value. Think of something that wasn't necessarily on the shot list. Look at the light, the angles, your subject matter and really try to capture something way outside of box.

This is something I always try to do on set, no matter how much extra time I have. I always look to create something extra. Whether it was something I thought of on site or something I was considering prior to the shoot day, I always try to add a little something that is going to catch everyone off guard.

Recently, I photographed for a restaurant, and while we mostly photographed available light with a hint of extra pops of light to keep things light and bright, I asked if the bar images were going to be used to push for more of an evening feel, which of course it was. So, I set up some extra lights and created some wow factor images of the bar drinks. It wasn't something that we really discussed and everyone got really overly excited by the creation of these one of a kind images. Which, is what I always love to create.

Below are some examples of extra photos I've taken that were not part of the originally discussed shots for the project.

Tip 4: Be Helpful

Pretty simple, keep from getting a big head. Yes, sometimes you just have too much to do, and sometimes you don't have the right skills for whatever is going on, but always try to be helpful in any way possible. Grabbing something extra on set, running out for extra props or just even suggesting helpful hints and tips will go a long way to showing how you are perceived as a human.

Tip 5: Give realistic timelines

Timelines can be a real sticking point for clients. They can also be arbitrary. So, be on the same page with your agency and but also set realistic expectations. If you are going to be in the middle of a busy season, let them know. If you can get them a few clips or photos quickly to hold them over, suggest that as well. No matter what your timeline, always hit that timeline and if possible, deliver early! It will show that you are on your game and that you can hit timelines, because they are also in a timeline with their client. So, if you let them down, they have to go back to their client and explain why things will be late. That will not go over well.

On a side note, don't be late on the shoot day either.

In summation, always just try and go above and beyond. Buy extra things that will help on the shoot such as towels, water and snacks. The agency will be super excited for their client and they will definitely want to work with you again in the future because you feel like added value, even if your prices are higher than others.

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