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FREE Portrait Giveaway!

Have you said to yourself, my portrait photo is outdated? I have used and reused my portrait from 10 years ago enough! A portrait that speaks to people and looks amazing is easier and quicker than you might assume! And now, you have the chance for a free one!

Starting on January 7, 2019 and continuing to January 11, 2019 at midnight, post a comment on my Instagram account photos from this week, saying why you need a new Portrait and tag 3 people. You will be automatically entered in a random drawing for a new awesome portrait!

Portrait photos done with an interesting background are my favorite, they give life to a person and add context to who they are or what they do. While portraits photos with a simple background are great and we can certainly accommodate them, isn't it more interesting to see something that adds personality to a headshot?

Photos of yourself are extremely useful across all of your social media and website locations. But wouldn't it be great to have professional looking portraits instead of a selfie or poor quality one that was taken too long ago?! Enter now and a drawing will be held on Monday January 14th on my YouTube channel. MMVisuals YouTube

Rules and terms. Photo must be scheduled for a location inside Lancaster County, PA, USA. Post one comment per photos and tag 3 others who might be interested on MM Visuals Instagram between the week of January 7 and January 11, 2017 to be entered. You may enter once per post during the week. Be sure to "Like" us on Instagram. Lighting, styling, and general overall feel of the portrait will be determined by MM Visuals. No purchase required.

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