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5 Tips To Creating Consistent Branded Photography

Creating photography for consistent branding of your business can be tricky unless you know a few helpful tips to keep your mind on brand as you try to advertise your business. You can find yourself creating photos that don't truly represent your brand or don't target your key demographics. For example, I had a client that wanted up tempo videos and photos that showed family fun, but they kept suggesting every aspect of their business including their front desk workers. This line of thinking only leads to messy visuals that don't focus on actual branding or consistent advertising to your target market. Remember keep your eye on the final goal.

1. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE - You will need to take some time to figure out who your audience is and how your product or service will get their attention. Knowing your audience and understanding how to effectively emotionally connect with them will help you figure out the action of figuring out what your branding and marketing will be. If you have a mommy audience, you may want to speak to their lack of time, if it's a male teenager audience, you might want to speak to a tech or sports feeling. Whoever your client is, figuring it out is a big first step to deciding how you want to brand and market your business.

2. FOCUS - Keeping your eyes focused and on target is the first key. You can do this in several ways. You could simply write down your branding goal, then cut out some magazine images that you like and post them in front of you on your desk. Every time you look up you will be reminded of the look and feel you want to project. You could also use a Pinterest board, which is a great way to post inspirational photos that you find online in specific goal oriented boards.

3. TONE - Pick a tone that you want to keep for your branding and visuals. Is it funny, serious, upbeat, does it tug at the heartstrings, dark or light? Once you choose a tone follow the focus plan in #1.

4. PHOTOGRAPHER - Be sure that you are choosing a photographer that can help with your vision. If you choose a photographer who isn't necessarily focused on commercial photography or branding photography, you may get inconsistent work that doesn't look the same or have the same feeling that you want to convey throughout a long term campaign. They can keep the tone and feel on point for your branding through lighting techniques, color and consistent processing.

5. HELP - Get help from an Art Director. The great thing about having help is that they will help you keep you on track with what voice you are trying to have for your business. After all, that's what branding is, a visual voice for your company. Lots of designers have the ability to art direct, most of them understand campaigns and branding for business. You can hire an art director full time or on a retainer basis that will ensure you keep the same person working on your brand over a specific period of time until you have your visuals and branding in place. They can also help with the creative process of figuring out what your audience is and how to best market to them.

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