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We work with clients of every size across the globe to help with the challenge of creating visuals. Helping with concept and finishing with a final visual product that will grow your business. Below are some quotes from past clients.

Thank you for the great work you did at our photo shoot last week on campus. I was joking when I said, "Make me look glamorous and presidential!", but you managed to do exactly that. I really appreciate your careful, imaginative, beautiful work. You're doing F&M a real favor by making the new president look good! :)

    - Barbara Altmann, President

                              F&M College

"Michael combines people skills and problem-solving skills with the ability to walk into a virtually unknown situation and put people at ease. He gets the best photo while bringing a sense of humor and leaving pretentiousness at the door. He blends art and science with an innate capacity to listen to what they are trying to achieve."  

      - Nicole Patterson, Executive Assistant 

                        Mount St. Mary's University

"Mike is a truly gifted photographer! I have used him personally and for multiple clients! He gets what is important to communicate specific marketing messages to prospective clients and my people have loved working with him."

      - Chad Diller, Account Manager

                    Landscape Leadership

"I wish I could give it more than 5 stars. I have taken a lot of pictures myself, as well as hired a number of professional photographers, but no one has come close to what MM Visuals is able to capture. The way they are able to convey thoughts, feelings and emotions through pictures is amazing. Highly recommend MM Visuals."

      -Greg Orth, Owner

                     Sandler Training

"Working with Mike has been a pleasure!"

      - Jonathan Yeager, Owner

                      Wonderhead Collective

"Mike is an even mix of professional and creative with an outgoing and comfortable attitude. His visual solutions stand out in a crowd and show an extreme attention to every detail, all the while exceeding the expectations of his photographic art form." 

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